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Dallas European Shop

What We Do

With more than 30 years combined experience, in conjunction with time spent working for the BMW Factory, what we provide above all else is confidence in engineering. 


We service:

  • McLaren

  • Ferrari

  • Lamborghini

  • BMW

  • Porsche

How We Do It

Constant equipment updates paired with never ending research and development allow us to utilize the most recent techniques to repair and modify your vehicle. Whether you are looking for high quality factory repair or looking to get a Vargas, Pure, MMP or other turbo upgrade in Dallas, we can help.  We have worked with JB4s, MHD, and Bootmod3 back end flashes, Cobb Accessports, Mercedes bench tunes, we have factory and factory style equipment to ensure whatever repairs or modifications are necessary can be completed. 

Dallas Dealer Alternative

Where We Do It

Located in the Downtown Dallas, Cedars area we are within a short drive of all suburbs. We offer convenient rental car coordination and towing services to help ease the headache when unexpected problems with your vehicle arise.  

Call (972) 821-7664

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